The world is a better place when we are united and inspired.  


Amanda Lewan, Writer & Entrepreneur

At twelve years old an English teacher changed my life. She was standing in the room reading my poem out loud to the class. The poem was called "My Missing Puzzle Piece." It was a raw poem about the pain I felt from my parent's recent divorce, my father as the missing piece. This opened up a connection for me that I embraced - to become a storyteller. I believe I am here to unite and inspire others. I bring people together by creating art that inspires empathy, and building community-focused brands that empower people. 

The Professional Bio

Amanda Lewan is an entrepreneur and award-winning writer. She is Co-founder of Bamboo Detroit, a real estate company that builds inclusive community focused spaces. She is Founder of Michipreneur.com, a digital publication on business and innovation. She received a Bachelor's in Professional Writing from Michigan State University and a Master's in English from Wayne State University. As an entrepreneur and marketer, she has over seven years of startup operations, sales, and strategic marketing experience. Her marketing work has helped dozens of startups and all the way up to fortune 100 companies. Her work has been honored locally and nationally. 

Lewan's storytelling and creative writing have been recognized and published in NPR, Entrepreneur Magazine, ABC's 20/20The Nation, Rust Belt Magazine, The Journal of Americana and moreHer essays have received national honors, most recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net 2015. She is currently at work finishing her first two novels.

For a full list of her published work, go here. For a preview of upcoming novels, go here. 

Recent Honors

  • Crain's 20 in their 20s
  • Most Valuable Millennial Corp! Magazine
  • City of Detroit Spirit of Detroit & Community Service Awards
  • Vanguard Award for Leadership
  • Best in Michigan Businesses
  • Finalist, Glimmer Train Fiction Short Story Competition
  • Push Cart Prize nomination
  • Best of Net nomination
  • 1st Place Winner, Nation Essay Contest



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