The Story of Billy the Story

July 19th, 2015 in Digital Storytelling

There once was a man named Billy. Billy was born an idea: he was a story. He knew he needed to get out on a stage for the world and all of his short life he prepared and he prepared for his life’s big show.

It took him years to grow enough, to find the right voice deeper and now much more full of wisdom. He was ready, tall and older and filled with a grand old tale.

He would perform a few shows before the light at the top took him away for another time.

But now there is no billy, so grown and so wise. When Billy is born next there are lights every, photos and screens and videos to stretch billy out. They each take away a piece of his story. They each ask for his focus. His attention is withered and his eyes cannot surprise this crowd.

He rushes on stage just a few years of age, quickly sharing a brief moment that they can capture together, before all of the pieces are gone, and Billy is gone too.

It is such a shame he will say. The life of a story has gone far away. He will hope for a deeper, longer day where good and evil battle again, and wisdom rises for more than just a few moments of one’s time. He longs to grow and live and love but here he on this stage he cannot stay.

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