On Change

November 15th, 2015 in Reflection

I had a dream that there was a heat wave. Suddenly, what felt as real as yesterday, I saw myself turning off all the nobs for heat in the house. I opened the patio door and let the warmth in. 

It was hot, summer hot, and I could feel it entering the house from our wide patio doors. It was the cleansing of light I felt, a freshing feeling in that moment, doors open, air inside, seeing everything in front of me.

Change is afoot. It comes through in sweeping winds the kind that bring force and might, strength and fear all at once. As it slows down and life settles one can see the terrain differently. I am now, I think, approaching this change with the door opened, not forced, accepting and wanting to see what is well-lit on the terrain, the truths of what was and what is.

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