June 13th, 2015 in Reflection

We are always shedding. Sometimes it’s painful, sometimes a release. walking

It happens at times of transition. A new job, a new town, a new friend. In order to fit a new beginning we must peel back layers.

A small piece falls off from the last apartment. A new suite slips on for the new job.  A shoe or two are put on to help us better walk forward. Because we are changing shape now.

There are the painful partings, knowing when a friend out of the past will remain in the past now. Outgrown. No longer on the same journey. The colors and the warmth and the size were all there once, but now they are too small. It is not for you.

They do not wear or support you right. It is time to go.

We are always shedding. But that's alright. We have many so many layers to live and to leave.

On Disappearing

May 10th, 2015 in Reflection

As she grows old and knows an end is nearing she begins to shed and shrink. First it is the clothes, then it is the weight. She sheds it off naturally, as if unzipping her life.

The first thing to go was jewerly. She hands me ring and earrings, small things she doesn’t want anymore. Then it’s a flowered shirt too long and lanky. I take it.

Next a thick wool jacket, navy blue. It doesn’t fit her right. I take that too.

Won’t I take it all away? Take it and keep it, she says. 

The memories are going to go soon too, I supposed. How could I take those too? I want to write down all the sassy one liners. The stories of family, folks I never really knew.

I write the recipes down, scrap papers, then into the cloud. I am trying to catch everything she gives me before her final act of disappearance.

What else were you trying to say?

She is squeezing it all down till there is not much left. Till the weight is lighter and grandma can prepare to fly away. It’s been a heavy life to carry, anyways.

To Be a Professional Dabbler

April 22nd, 2015 in Reflection

I am always heartbroken when someone tells me they don’t know what they want to do with their life. Then they break my heart further by admitting they don’t care to figure it out. dablle

I think this often comes from a fear of the unknown. We tend to shy away from the adventure of discovering and actively creating yourself. You can be anything you want in the world if you work hard enough (given certain physical limits). This inspiring fact falls flat on the fear of our own creation.

We don’t need a degree. We don’t follow a straight path. There is no ladder to climb, or whatever other myth to success you’d like to throw in there.

Creating your life or finding work you want to do is all about trial and error. You must zig zag around until you find a few things that work well enough to guide you. You must be honest with yourself, and you must make hard decisions along the way.

But first you have to be open to discovery. The best way to discover work you love is through dabbling. We are all professional dabblers. We are all learning, shifting, adjusting, finding new hobby and joys and discarding the failures along the way. We should all aim to professionally dabble.

In Detroit there’s a joke that everyone has a side hussle. But that’s smart. That’s how we shift, grow, and find new passions. We should all have our side hustles.

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