The Ironies of a Social Media Age

January 8th, 2014 in Social Media

I recently finished reading Randi Zuckerberg’s book “Dot Complicated.” I hadn’t realized Mark Zuckerberg had a sister until I received the book as a Christmas gift. It was an easy and interesting read, especially for women in tech or media. social media ironies

The book did remind me of many of the ironies I see in our social media age. Do you deal with these?

We live in a world with more connections and less depth. I hardly know much at all about my thousands of twitter followers, and I don’t think I could if I tried. There’s only so much you can make room in one heart.

We live in a world where we take a photo and miss the view. I am guilty of this too often. I love nature. I want to preserve it, but often look through the iphone before my own two eyes. Technology gives us tools to record, but what are we enjoying if we are always recording?

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15 Questions for Crafting a Sharable Story

January 24th, 2013 in Social Media

Crafting a storySuccessful stories are full of lively characters, colorful descriptions, and a glimpse of emotional depth.

Characters cannot be grey and lifeless; they have to embody human emotion. Whether it is a tiresome factory worker coming home to his family, or the young lady embarking on a new adventure, there is an element of emotion that needs to resonate with the audience through the telling of the story.

We need to be moved in order to read and share the story, especially when it comes to digital storytelling.

When we are moved, we will like, re-tweet, email, share, and pass along the story.

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Digital Storytelling with Twitter: Fiction, Poetry, and Marketers

December 5th, 2012 in Social Media

In the beginning, there was Shakespeare.Digital Storytelling

There were love letters, scriptures, and wonderful poetry and prose full of language and rhythm.

We called it literature. We sealed away our best storytellers in a book. We wrote essays in response, and left the conversations somewhere in print or inside a classroom too.

Twitter offers a playground for the creative publisher. All content marketers can learn a thing or two from our best storytellers playing in this new publishing world.

Here’s a look at the different traditional forms we’re seeing shared across Twitter.

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