Digital Storytelling with Twitter: Fiction, Poetry, and Marketers

December 5th, 2012 in Social Media

In the beginning, there was Shakespeare.Digital Storytelling

There were love letters, scriptures, and wonderful poetry and prose full of language and rhythm.

We called it literature. We sealed away our best storytellers in a book. We wrote essays in response, and left the conversations somewhere in print or inside a classroom too.

Twitter offers a playground for the creative publisher. All content marketers can learn a thing or two from our best storytellers playing in this new publishing world.

Here’s a look at the different traditional forms we’re seeing shared across Twitter.

Digital Storytelling with Twitter

Digital storytelling with Twitter is not new. Serial fiction, poetry, and non-fiction have been published through tweets since the medium first emerged. Journalists have been scouring Twitter to find new ways to report stories in real time. Brands are using Twitter to create characters for social media campaigns. What makes Twitter unique is the ability to perform and interact while also publishing. The audience can share and respond to your work right way. Storytelling for marketers can be executed effectively through Twitter too.


The first Twitter and Fiction Festival recently took place, and not too long ago author Jennifer Egan published a story through one tweet every hour for ten days (See: What Brands Can Learn from Jennifer Egan). Authors publishing in this form are exploring how to engage and captivate an audience online. For a good example of story tweets, check out Jonathan Carroll (See: JSCarroll). One unique tweeter, he’s consistently sharing bits of stories, quotes, and interesting tweets for followers. Tweets like this can intrigue your audience, bringing them back for more.


Poets have long been known as the masters of language. They have a short space to fill, and this can make them excellent Twitter storytellers too (See: The Rise of Twitter Poetry). Check out what poet Beau Sia is doing to grow his audience.

How Tweets Grow Stories

Recently the Twitter team took a different route to investigating stories, by reporting how Twitter is used. This takes a tweet and investigates the publishing story behind it (see: Twitter Stories). It can be an interesting study for brands and marketers to see how tweets and stories grow.

For Brands, Marketers, and Tweeters

  • Twitter requires condensed language, creative thought, and well-planned posting.
  • Study what works, and what other great storytellers are doing.
  • Blend entertainment with information you want to share.
  • Quotes, phrases, personality and character — what interest us as humans?
  • Investigate, explore, and analyze what get’s shared the most.
  • Be consistent and have a plan.
  • Try working Twitter storytelling into your next social media campaign.

For the rest of December I’m going to focus on sharing more story tweets.

Are there any other awesome creative publishers online to share?

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