10 Strategies for Avoiding Blogger Burnout

October 10th, 2012 in Social Media

You’ve had a rough week full of deadlines, meetings, and skipped lunches. blogger burnout

How can you possibly come home and write in your blog? And think of an orginal idea too?

Don’t start to feel like a robot when it comes to cranking out your blog posts.

The secret to blogging success is consistent, high-quality content.

You don’t want to suffer from blogger burnout and put the blog on the backburner. Instead, use strategies to build up a base of knowledge and ideas. It’s important to keep the ideas flowing, save ideas in drafts, and have posts started so when you’re feeling tired, you’re still prepared to write another awesome post.

Try these 10 Strategies for Avoiding Blogger Burnout


1. Brainstorm. Give yourself fifteen minutes and list as many blog post topics as you can. Write possible post titles. Play around with different combinations, and think about topics you haven’t covered yet. Let go of any stress. Don’t worry about the actual post or if the ideas aren’t great. Brainstorming is about getting as many ideas as you can down. Then, review them later on when you’re ready to write and see which ones you’ll actually pursue.

2. Get Sidetracked. Allow yourself to relax, unwind, and have fun. If you’re feeling burned out, sometimes a good run can boost your engery back up. It’s important to consider your emotions when writing. The more fun and stress free you feel, the more you’ll want to do the work. Take healthy breaks to boost your engery levels and allow yourself to unwind.

3. Force a Draft. If you’re feeling burned out, still try to force a draft out.  Sometimes the act of writing can get you back into the blogging groove. Trying can be just want you need to get there. However, don’t publish the draft if you don’t feel satisfied with it. Look back on it later when you’re feeling better. If you don’t end up using the draft, the act of writing can still inspire other fruitful post ideas.

4. Set Deadlines. Today, you’re burned out. Tomorrow you might still feel behind. So when will you actually get your weekly post out? If you are going to skip a post, set a deadline for yourself and stick to it. While you may not feel on top of your game today, you don’t want to put it off for good.

5. Take a Break.  Consistency is key to building an online audience, but quality content is what keeps them coming back for more. If you really need to, cut back to weekly posts, or take an entire week off.  Tweet to your followers to come back later for your post. Quality posts are more important, and so is your health and peace of mind.

6. Read Other Fields. You’re already keeping up with your field, now take the time to explore other areas.  Think about how your topic of specialty can be applied to those fields, and build anologies on how they are similar or different.  Not only will this keep you thinking about your specialty, it get’s you thinking about new ways to apply it.

7. Read the News. You probably already do this too, but take the time to think about current events and how they may or may not affect your field. This may give you some easy inspiration for your next post.

8. Ask Your Audience. Ask your followers, friends, readers, what they would like to see from your blog. Ask for guest posts too. You should already be doing this, but send out a couple extra tweets on a busy week.  You may be surprised at the ideas you hear back and the post submissions you may receive.

9. Write Lower Energy Posts. These can be roundups, interviews, guest posts, anything that doesn’t require as much work on your end as an original idea written entirely by yourself.  If you’ve read, received emails, or tweets on articles related to your field, write up a quick list that serves as a roundup of recent news. Check out the types of blog posts that drive traffic and use less energy.

10. Use Energy Strategically. Some days you’ll be busier than others, and some days you’ll feel more creative and inspired. It’s bound to happen. Use those days to your advantage. Write more than one post, and save the others as drafts. While it’s a good rule of thumb to never publish anything without reading it over later, even a day later, you can use written drafts for days when you are tired and feeling burned out.  Use your engery and creativity to benefit you.

Try these strategies and think about when you feel most creative and productive. It’s all about finding out what works best for you.

What strategies to you use to stay in the blogging groove?

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