Giving Thanks to Your Audience Through Social Media

November 20th, 2012 in Social Media

Thanksgiving is here, another American holiday full of food, beer, and sports thanks

(We watch the Lions every year here in Detroit. No matter how bad it hurts to watch.)

But I’m always grateful to have another day to spend with family and friends. Even if this day has a slightly different name than the rest.

Exercising gratitude brings happiness.

It’s a way of remembering and honoring all of those in and around your life.  Taking the time to thank others helps you remember to give back the positivity and support you receive.

For businesses and bloggers this means giving thanks to your audience, too.

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10 Strategies for Avoiding Blogger Burnout

October 10th, 2012 in Social Media

You’ve had a rough week full of deadlines, meetings, and skipped lunches. blogger burnout

How can you possibly come home and write in your blog? And think of an orginal idea too?

Don’t start to feel like a robot when it comes to cranking out your blog posts.

The secret to blogging success is consistent, high-quality content.

You don’t want to suffer from blogger burnout and put the blog on the backburner. Instead, use strategies to build up a base of knowledge and ideas. It’s important to keep the ideas flowing, save ideas in drafts, and have posts started so when you’re feeling tired, you’re still prepared to write another awesome post.

Try these 10 Strategies for Avoiding Blogger Burnout

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5 Storytelling Techniques for your Social Media Campaign

October 1st, 2012 in Social Media

Ignite.  Entertain.  Play.  Enjoy.  Learn.Storytelling Techniques and social media

Doesn’t that sound fun?

Instead of those (get ready to tune out) words we use: engage, market, humanize, social strategy.

Using storytelling techniques can help you take your next campaign past marketing and into a realm that is much more entertaining.

If you are getting ready to create a social media campaign, consider using the following techniques…

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