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June 12th, 2013 in The Visual Story

First, I imagine a scene. Then I write it down. Next, I try and draw it out into a clear visual story for a video. Amazon Storyteller

But I don't have to draw at all. I can use Amazon's Storyteller platform instead.

Amazon's Storyteller just launched last week. The online program allows writers to create a storyboard for a movie or a graphic novel. It's in beta right now and looks amazing so far. The application comes with different backgrounds, characters, and props to visually tell your story. It's free for anyone using Amazon Studios.

Amazon is not only allowing creatives to use their visual storytelling tool, but they're also looking for the next great visual story. They have an open call for movies and television series going on right now.

This platform is a great start for making digital storytelling easier. When we have great tools, we can focus more on innovating and creating.

But what else can we create for digital storytellers?

How about a platform for citiquing different types of work that pays creatives, but offers very valuable critiques from screened applicants? This could be similar to an online writing group or other form of trusted feedback. (I miss my writing group. Having trusted and honest criqiue is so valuable across fields...)

Or, what about a library that creatives are paid or receive credits for donating work (copy/photos/slogans/ideas) they no longer want or have never used?

I hope there will be more tools like Amazon Storyteller that make sharing, critiquing, and creating stories easier for us. We can spend our time dreaming up our next great story idea. 

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