Visual Storytelling Through Brickflow

August 9th, 2013 in The Visual Story

Show me the story.

A storyboard. A slide show. A tweet. A cover photo. What happens when you put it all together? In a creative format? That’s where Brickflow comes it.

The new visual storytelling tool Brickflow has just launched, letting you turn social media into visual stories. Founder Peter Lagmar told us about the tool and how he got started.

Peter first entered the startup world researching for a startup incubator in Paris, but is also a photographer with a background in online media too. He started Brickflow to offer a new way to curate content and tell a visual story.

This is a totally new form of storytelling: a few seconds of square-shaped video, low-res snapshots, 140 characters of text,” said Peter. “Curated digital storytelling is a form of communication that is here to stay.”

It can be used for work or for a blog post to show a visual summary of a topic. Through hashtags content can be curated easily into the large story board where you can add, tweak, and play with your story.

Are we moving towards a world that revolves around visual stories?

Peter jokes that being a square isn’t an insult anymore, with the square shaped photos on Instagram and curated squares on Brickflow. Try it out and see for yourself the fun you can have with this new visual tool. Check out more stories on the visual story online.

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