I am currently seeking agent representation for my first book Finding Marcus, an upmarket commercial thriller, while finishing the draft of my second novel Scarab City.

( 1 ) Finding Marcus

Upmarket Fiction / Literary Thriller

It was the wrong night for Maria Jones to take the subway home. It was the wrong person for her daughter Laura Jones to fall in love with.

On that evening a terror attack on the subway would leave little for Laura to hold onto: only the maroon leftovers of her mother’s clothing, the bakery her mother built, and her mother’s stubborn strength that Laura must embody to overcome the grief of losing her only parent. Laura’s ex-boyfriend Marcus offers her a convincing comfort, that is until she learns the man she loves might be the leader of the terrorist group that took her mother’s life. Now Laura must hunt for the truth behind this man and the attack that killed her mother. The journalist goes on a journey, despite the mix of media and misinformation, despite her grief and confusion, to find Marcus.

( 2 ) Scarab City

Upmarket Fiction

My second novel is currently underway. When a native Detroiter returns home to take care of his dying mother, their relationship and their city are both reborn. 

Quincey Jones is a successful tech salesman who moves back to his hometown he's been running from, to take care of the mother he's always feared. For Quincy to succeed in this changing American city he must accept his harrowing past with it. After Quincey's mother dies, and his wife nearly leaves him, he is forced to rethink everything he's ever wanted. 

With help from a millionaire mentor and his savvy wife, the duo forms a company out of the old manufacturing heritage. Scarab City is a story of reinventing the American Dream and one person's power to see through it. 

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